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Spanish Film Series, Part Two: Fall 2019

Noches de cine
"Viajes ExtraOrdinarios"
Every Tuesday 6:00 p.m. CENT G02

22 de octubre- La Cienaga (2001) Lucrecia Martel.
Comedia/Drama - Argentina

A family travels to a small provincial town to avoid the heat of the summer in the city, surreal moments and twisted family relationships start to be revealed.
Presentadora: Gloria Velásquez

29 de octubre- Tambien la lluvia (2010) Bollarin.
Historia/Drama - Espana/Bolivia

A director and his crew travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia to shoot a controversial film about Columbus while the local people rise up against plans to privatize the water supply.
Presentadora: María Diocares

5 de noviembre- 7 Cajas (2012) Maneglia-Schembori.
Crimen/Drama - Paraguay

Victor receives an unusual proposal, to carry 7 boxes of unknown content through the Market Number 4 but his trip through the market gets complicated along the way.
Presentador: Miguel Ramírez

12 de noviembre- Volver (2006) Almodovar.
After her death, a mother travels back home town in order to fix the situations she couldn't resolve during her life.
Presentador: Dr. Antonio Gragera
Contact: Carolina Wilson

If you require accommodations due to a disability in order to participate, please contact the World  Languages & Literatures office at 512.245.2360 or at least 72 hours in advance of the event.