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Greetings From Your AATF Regional Representative and Information:
Mes élèves vont participer au Gand Concours cette année. L’année dernière, j’ai eu une élève de Français II qui a eu un 100% et donc, elle a reçu  un certificat, une médaille et une plaque avec son nom.
En ce qui concerne la semaine nationale du Français, les élèves du club de français et les élèves de la société honoraire de Français ont organisé une vente de crêpes et ont fait participer tous les élèves du lycée a un kahoot sur les pays francophones.
Voila !
LOGO (Email)
Valérie Bernardin
US French Teacher
French Club Sponsor
French Honor Society Sponsor
Saint Mary's Hall
9401 Starcrest Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78217
Ph.: (210) 483-9216


A Message from our CT-AATF Executive Committee:

Checking on our Members after Hurricane Harvey

We would like to make sure that all our Members ( and their families) on the coastal areas are safe and doing well after the terrible storm.  We also hope that their home and place where they work are not damaged. 

If somebody knows about a colleague who is suffering from Harvey, please tell us . Thank you so much.  We hope most of you are doing well.  

San Antonio is a Relief Center for the affected area and happens to be where we are going to be meeting (thanks to the invitation of our member Valerie Bernardin and her school) in November.

Feel free to contact us.

On behalf of the Chapter Officers,

Marta Kane, PhD

Vice-President,AATF Central Texas

University of Texas at Austin

Institute for Historical Studies, Researcher Affiliate

Universite Paul Valery, Montpellier III

Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires en Sciences Humaines et Sociales

Chercheur Associe


Félicitations aux gagnants du Grand Concours!

We are very proud of the Central Texas Middle school and high schools who participated in the National French Contest 2015.  Over 1200 of our students took the exam this spring. The overall results for our region are very good. Unfortunately for legal reasons we cannot publish names of winners, but here is a summary of the numbers for Central Texas.

Congratulations to all teachers and students who participated!

National Winner


Highest Score in each level/division

Platinum medal, plaque, and certificate   4

95th Percentile

Gold medal and certificate     87

85th -90th Percentile

Silver medal and certificate     141

75th – 80th Percentile

Bronze certificate   131

50th – 70th Percentile

Mention d’honneur certificate   310


The AATF Committee has unanimously accorded Vandegrift High School, Austin TX,  the award of Exemplary French Program, with Honors, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French.  Kelly will receive a plaque and a certificate and will be honored at  AATF convention in Saguenay this summer during the  Awards Luncheon.  

Congratulations to Jackie Thomas, our member and former Regional Representative at TAMU Kingsville!!!!  She is the FIRST to have had her lesson chosen for the online Store (details for submissions below).  Please download "Exercices pour accompagner Le Ballon rouge," d'Albert Morisse.

Contributions are always welcome for inclusion at the AATF Store.  Submissions will be reviewed by a committee of teachers for accuracy, usefulness, and pedagogical soundness before being accepted for online publication.  Units are posted in downloadable format.  To contribute a unit, e-mail the text a one file in either Word or PDF format to  Be sure and indicate the targeted level in terms of French and age.

Important Dates

Note: AATF has moved to the University of Illinois at Champaign.
March  1.  Deadline for submission of FLES Poster Contest (see bulletin p. 20), and nominations for Vice-President.

March 15.  Deadline for application for Exemplary French Program (see p. 22 of the Bulletin), and submissions for the2015 Convention Travel Award (p. 3 of the Bulletin).

May 1. Deadline for early-bird rates for the convention. Registration will be in the range of $250-$300 depending on the date you register, the level of registration, and what options are included. The AATF will organize shuttle buses from Quebec City Airport to the hotel.
June 7.  Deadline for making hotel reservations at the convention rate (p. 6 of the Bulletin).
July 8 - 11.  AATF Convention in Saguenay, Québec (see p. 6 of the Bulletin).
August 1.  Deadline for submission for the special issue of the French Review ( p. 32), and deadline for submissions for the September 
National Bulletin.
AATF Outstanding Senior in French Awards and Excellence in French Awards can be ordered at any time. 

Enroll in the National French Contest.  If you have not yet registered students, there may still be time.  See link at the left menu.


We are here to help make your job of teaching French language and French and Francophone culture easier, more fulfilling, and even more inspirational. We encourage you to join the Central Texas Chapter.  Please go to the AATF Membership Online link to the left, and specify the Central Texas Chapter when you sign up.

Jeunes Amis du Français

The AATF and the Société Honoraire de Français (SHF) are pleased to announce the formation of a new honor society for middle and elementary school students. The new society, called Jeunes Amis du Français (JAF), was approved by vote of the SHF sponsors. The Jeunes Amis du Français will function similarly to the SHF. Any middle or elementary school teacher can request a JAF Charter for a one-time fee. Because of the diversity of middle school programs, a school must select the Cultural or Academic option. Each chapter must induct students at least once per year in order to remain active.

The sponsoring teacher must be a current AATF member.

There is a per student induction fee. Each student will receive a certificate attesting to his or her membership. Additional materials will be available for purchase. Membership in the JAF does not imply membership in the SHF nor give the student the right to SHF materials.

JAF materials will be available through the on-line store shortly.