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The AATF publishes the French Review and the National Bulletin.

French Review

Starting in 2013-2014, The French Review now appears 4 times per year (October, December, March, May). It is included in AATF membership dues. In addition, it is distributed to nearly 1000 libraries in 35 countries. 

The archives of the French Review are available through J-STOR.

Click here for more information on the French Review.

Click here to download specifications and pricing for advertising in the French Review or contact the Advertising Manager Ann Sunderland.

National Bulletin

The National Bulletin appears 4 times per year (September, November, January, April) and is included in AATF membership dues.

Click here for the archives of the National Bulletin which are posted on the AATF Web site with the exception of the most recent issues. In addition, click here for numerous classroom activities and promotional articles that are also posted.

For more information, contact the Editor at

Convention Proceedings

Beginning in 2010, the AATF has published selected proceedings from our annual convention. The proceedings are accesible to all current AATF members. For information on obtaining a password, e-mail Four volumes are currently available. To access the proceedings, go to

AATF Press

The AATF Press publishes works of our members and commissions for dissemination through the AATF Materials Center and On-Line Store. The first volume published is entitled  Etudiants sans frontières: Concepts and Models for Service Learning in French, edited by Jacqueline Thomas, former AATF Region VII Representative. It is available through the AATF On-Line store or by contacting National Headquarters.

AATF Publications Available through Other Sources

Click here for information on AATF publications available through other sources.

Numerous AATF publications, both pedagogical and promotional are also available through our On-Line Store.