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Grand Concours / National French Contest

2024 Contest Dates

Le Concours se passe toujours au printemps, et l’inscription commence en hiver. 
Pour FLES: du 12 février au 6 mars
Pour niveaux 01 au 5: 14/02 au 08/04
2023 Contest Dates
Pour FLES: du 13 février au 8 mars, 2023
Pour niveaux 01 au 5: 15/02 au 05/04, 2023
2022 Contest Dates
Pour FLES: du 14 février au 5 mars, 2023
Pour niveaux 01 au 5: 16/02 au 30/03, 2023
2021 Contest Dates
Date d'inscription: avant le 28 février pour éviter un supplément

Date du webinar sur l'inscription et le site-web du concours: le 24 janvier de 14 à 15 h

Dates du concours pour les niveaux 01 à 5: le 17 février au 31 mars

Liens importants: inscriptions pour le concours, page du site-web national avec des vidéos d'instruction


2020 Contest Dates

Grades 1-6 (FLES): February 15 - March 1, 2020

Grades 7-12 (levels 01-5): February 22 - March 29, 2020

A few important notes regarding the Contest Results, Enrollment & On-line test Site:

  • For levels 01-5 the Contest will only be available online.
  • FLES will remain available in both paper and pencil and online.
  • All levels of the 2019 Contest are available without the need to register or log-in here:   You may share this link with potential participants so they can get a feel for the types of questions used in the online Contest.
  •  Contest fees will remain at $3.50 per student for members and $7 per student for non-members, plus any applicable Chapter fees (see homework below!)
  • SPECIAL NOTE! If teachers would like to receive paper certificates by mail which they may use to print student awards on, there will be a small additional fee. Online certificates which the teachers fill in and print from their own computers will still be available at no charge.
  • The 2019 Manual for Contest Administrators is being proofed and will be available soon.
  • The Contest format changes made in 2019 will continue as in 2020:
    • Levels 01-1-2-3 will again not include "language in context" type questions; these questions will be included in levels 4 and 5.
    • New question types will replace language in context sections - such as putting a comic strip in order, additional pictures, additional readings, matching, videos, etc.
    • Levels 4 and 5 will continue to include questions that combine both authentic audio and print materials (such as a podcast combined with an infograph on the same subject) - great practice for the AP!


Jennie B. Chao

French Teacher

Round Rock High School



You can also check the website for materials and other facts


For students 

National French Contest: Le Grand Concours

You can be recognized on a local or national level for your participation in this contest!

This is a 1-hour test with listening and multiple choice sections, and

you can WIN….

-       a certificate

-       a medal

-       other prizes

-       even scholarship money at the upper levels!

You will find out how you rank on a national basis, practice for college placement exams, get recognized by your school and school district for your performance, and it only takes ONE HOUR!

Tell your teacher that you’d like to enroll. 

The exams will be given between February 21 and March 22, 2015 

You have nothing to lose – Allez-y!