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Amalfi Coast Summer 2023

group of women and men smiling, hanging out from balconies, Italian city and sea in background

The World Languages and Literatures Program to the Amalfi Coast has embarked! This course combination is offered every Summer as part of a series of courses in Italian language and Honors College courses to support Language requirements, Honors Program requirements, International Relations requirements, International Culture requirements, Intercultural Competence skills, and Art History & Music (Local performance and Opera) Studies at Texas State University.

This program will introduce students to the basic structures of Italian language and advanced cultural concepts of the Italian presence in the world today, as it evolved in 3000 years and provides organized educational experiences that meet community needs for an enhanced learning experience and certify our students with Service-Learning Excellence designation on their transcripts.

The Service-Learning Excellence Program at Texas State University aims to enrich the collegiate learning experience by encouraging civic engagement, compelling student reflection, and fostering meaningful community relationships. The Service-Learning Excellence Program helps students and faculty find opportunities to serve that enhance academic understanding while also strengthening the San Marcos community and beyond.