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Reasons to study languages 

Mastering another language not only makes us more competitive in an ever-more globalized world, but it also makes that world more familiar through exposure to different customs and cultures. And it also improves cognitive abilities, helping us to develop new areas of the brain, boost our ability to focus and process information, and increase memory skills. 

Why study Italian? 

Civilization and Culture: Italian is a direct descendant from Latin and is also the source of one of the most complex and admired cultures in the world. Italy holds the greatest number of World Heritage Sites. To truly understand this rich culture, we must also know its language.  
Jobs. Given that Italy is one of the top employers in the world, many employers are looking for bilingual speakers in both English and Italian specifically in fields such as fashion, design, architecture, engineering, large and public-works construction, and information technology.  
Fun. Italian culture – think art, opera, modern-style design, exquisite cuisine, and cutting-edge film – is fascinating and fun.  
More jobs. Learning Italian will set you apart from your competitors, an asset that could very well be key to securing a job in a fulfilling career. 

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Italian Faculty

Dr. Moira Di Mauro-Jackson. Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin 
Senior Lecturer 
Office: Centennial 150 
Phone: 512.245.1352 

Italian Minor

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