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Fall 2022 SPARK for German Cohort

A shoutout to our fourth generation of SPARK for German interns!

Collage of three women: one with pink hair and glasses, christmas tree in background, one with blonde hair, wall in background, one with blonde hair and a beanie, snow-capped mountains in background

On September 15th, Tori Grist, Joci Tidey, and Carol-Ann Veretto began teaching online German lessons to Central Texas middle school students. Working as a team under Dr. Siwak’s supervision, they plan and teach interactive Zoom lessons on topics ranging from basic communication to geography to school life in Germany.

SPARK is a Professional Internship in German course (GER 4300), developed two years ago by Dr. Ewa Siwak, the Texas State University SPARK LAB Director. SPARK is a North American initiative of the Goethe-Institut.

Our SPARK interns gain marketable skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, ability to apply knowledge in real-world settings, problem solving, creativity, communication with diverse sets of people, presentation skills, and civic engagement.