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Student Testimonials

"I had your Business Spanish class last semester and just wanted to keep in touch. It never seems to stop shocking me how frequently I have to use the terminology that you've instilled in us throughout the semester in the actual job setting!"

"I work for an information technology company.  I can attest that the Business Spanish I & II classes provided me with skills and a tools that immediately made me more valuable to my organization by being able to better serve our large Latin American customer base.  In the class we did a large amount of business correspondence and translation work, as well as research focusing on regional business practices, capital cities, currencies and customs.  This helped me progress from very labored communication with Spanish speaking customers to fully functional written communication which has been a very tangible benefit in my current and future career.  I would highly recommend these classes to any Spanish Major or Minor to increase your translation, technical communication and regional studies skills."

"I am happy to share with you that in addition to being admitted to the MA-International studies program and being awarded the Center for International Studies - Piersol & Dunn Scholarship, I have also accepted a Graduate Assistant position with the The Center for International Studies." 

- former students writing on the value of Business Spanish Courses