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Dr. Valentina Glajar

Photo of Dr. Valentina Glajar

Office: Centennial 224H
Phone: 512.245.3073


Cover of Traveling on One Leg


Cover of Vampirettes, Wretches and Amazons


Cover of The German Legacy in East Central Europe


Cover of "Gypsies" in European Literature and Culture


Cover of Local History, Transnational Memory in the Romanian Holocaust


Cover of Herta Mueller: Politics and Aesthetics


Cover of Secret Police Files From The Eastern Bloc


Cover of The Politics of the Archive


Cover of Summer 2018 Monatshefte


Cover of Cold War Spy Stories

three people with a black bar over their eyes, text: The Secret Police Dossier of Herta Müller: A "File Story" of Cold War Surveillance. Valentina Glajar.